Lifehacker likes My Trips

Lifehacker just profiled their favorite Windows Phone 7 applications and one of their picks was My Trips! 

We, of course, totally agree with their recommendation & are very happy with their selection :)  It’s a great honor to be selected along side big names like Twitter, Facebook & Yelp, as well as all the other great applications they picked.

Here is what they say about My Trips:

The good news: there’s a great travel organizing app that syncs with the killer service TripIt to show you flights, taxis, hotels, check-in links, and all the other minutiae of travel. The bad news: the free/trial version keeps a very annoying nag window up that notes the limit of only one trip shown, and one flight from that trip. Still, if you’re a TripIt fan, and especially if you’re a paid Pro member, you’ll want to pony up $1.99 to grab this app, as it’s got all your information, and a very responsive developer behind it.

Sorry about the very annoying nag screen on the trial … we will work on making it a little less naggy :), but thanks for the props on being “very responsive developer” 🙂

Lifehacker Pack for Windows Phone 7: Our List of the Best WP7 Apps


2 thoughts on “Lifehacker likes My Trips”

  1. I agree about the intrusiveness of the nag. The feature
    limitations (one trip, one flight) are great, but the nag is too

    1. Thanks for the feedback! We are changing the “nag” screen in the next version. It will only be shown on the trips screen, not the trip details screen etc… This will make it far less intrusive. Thanks again for the feedback. Please let us know what else you would like added! 🙂

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