My Trips version 3 updates!

** Updated 1/13/2011:  Version 3 is now available in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace ***

We just submitted version 3 of My Trips to the marketplace.  It should be live within a few days for people to download or update to.

The price remains the same at $1.99USD and everyone who has bought My Trips so far gets version 3 for free! 

Version 3 includes some new features as well as some bug fixes our wonderful and dedicated users have reported.

Here are some of the things we added:

1.  Itinerary View…

We wanted to give you a way to view your entire trip in a sequential view.  Itinerary view gives you a great way to scan your trip from beginning to end and drill into items.  We left the same Flight, Cars, Lodging & Notes pivots there incase you want to quickly filter your trip down to those items.


2.  All types of trip data

Version 3 now supports Transport, Restaurant, Cruise, Activity & Rail trip item types as well as all the standard ones v2 did like Flights, Cars, Lodging & Notes etc…

We also added a “booking” pivot on the flight details screen to view the booking information for that flight. e.g. booking site reference number, url, phone number etc…

3. Automatic refresh of data

We got feedback that it wasn’t clear why My Trips sometimes showed old data from TripIt.  In v2 you needed to hit the refresh button to sync with TripIt to get the latest information. 

In version 3 we have added automatic synchronization. 

My trips will now sync your Trips list every 60 mins and individual trip data every 5 mins.  You can always hit the Refresh button if you want to force a synchronization.  This auto synchronization only happens while the application is open & if you open it for the first time in a while it will sync automatically.  If you don’t have a connection to the internet for some reason My Trips will just show the latest data it has cached.

Also you can turn off Auto syncing in the settings screen if you like too 🙂

4. Flight Status

If you don’t have a TripIt Pro subscription you can now get flight status information via a handy link to from the flight details page.

5. Online Check-In and Alternate Flights (TripIt Pro subscription required)

If you are a TripIt Pro subscriber (PS: you should be! Is awesome!!) then you will also see a Online Check-In and Alternate Flights link from the flight page.  Handy for those frequent fliers on the move!

5. Trial mode “nag” screen adjusted

We were over the moon to be included in “Our list of the best WP7 apps”.  Something they mentioned was the “very annoying nag window” in the My Trips Trial mode.  Well in v3 we adjusted it so it is only shown on the Trips page.  Hopefully this is a little less annoying 🙂


We also included a handful of bug fixes for various things that we had people report

  • 24hr time formatting bug
  • Issue viewing a flights details when you have two flights with the same flight number in the same itinerary
  • Crash when you have travel items with no date set
  • Only first confirmation number shown for a flight with multiple flight bookings in the itinerary
  • Intermittent Time zone DB crash on application resume

Try or Buy My Trips on Windows Phone 7.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement for My Trips!  We are currently #1 paid application in the marketplace Travel section & in the first page of all travel apps (paid and free).  All thanks you YOU!


5 thoughts on “My Trips version 3 updates!”

  1. Hi

    I have a tripit account to which I’m logging via facebook.
    Unfortunately I’m not able to do this in your app … I’;m getting the arror that something goes wrong.
    Is this expected?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Piotr,

      TripIt and Facebook are experiencing a login issue right now. My Trips will let you log in with your Facebook account once they have it resolved.


  2. HI

    I was finally able to login (by using Help Me Sign in feature, with allows to login by both: facebook and password). Your application is very nice.
    May I ask do you plan to add offline functionality? It will be good to download all details for all (al/future) trips , instead to downloading only the list of them.

    Thank you in advance and kind regards

  3. Hi,
    I didn’t see a link to report bugs so I’m posting here.

    I have a case where I manually added 3 flights to my TripIt account on the same day. Short story is that the first leg of my flight was delayed causing me to have to rebook the second leg. I had a standby second leg and a later confirmed second leg. All 3 are in TripIt.

    MyTrips pulls the data from TripItcurrectly, but when I enter the trip and then swipe to the Flights view, it displays the first leg (12:55pm) after the two second leg entries (5:30pm and 7:35pm respectively).

    It looks like it is ordering the entries by the order that I entered them into TripIt and not by time.

    In TripIt, create a trip.
    On the first day, enter a flight
    On the first day, enter a second flight later than the first one
    On the first day, enter a flight that is earlier than the first two.
    My entries are Sun, Feb 06
    DL 3191 DTW->GRR
    DL 2045 DTW->GRR
    DL 5750 PVD->DTW

    – Steve

    1. Thanks for reporting this Steve. We will look into it and see if we can get it fixed in the next release.

      Thanks again for reporting it & supporting my trips!


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