Version 3.2 released!

We just released version 3.2 of My Trips which includes some new features as well as other general improvements.

Here is a run down of what is new:

1.  New Itinerary View

We introduced the itinerary view in version 3.0 and people love it.  However for long trips people said they wanted an easier way to skip to a particular day, rather than having to scroll down each time.  To address this we have changed the itinerary view to include a new “jump list” feature.  This allows you to quickly select a date at skip to that part of the trip.

Here is how it works:  In itinerary view you touch one of the squares (in this case they are blue, but they will match your selected theme color), then hit the day you want to jump to.  If there are lots of days to pick from them you just scroll the list with your finger.   It’s designed to work like the “all” view in the People hub.



We also made some nice changes that should really improve the performance of the itinerary view so it’s a much smoother experience when you are moving between various parts of your trip. 

2.  Past Trips.

We also wanted to give people the option of syncing their past trips.  Once a trip is over the trip moves from the “trips” list to the “past trips” list.  We wanted to make this optional since you might not be interested in past trips, so you can turn this on and off in the “settings” screen.


3. Weather

I like to know what the weather is going to be like when I am travelling and we heard so do others!, so we show the weather information TripIt provides for a trip.  To find this keep swiping right on a particular trip until you find the “weather” screen.



4. Settings menu

We have added some new settings and changed the screen a bit to make it cleaner and more user friendly.  First we changed to using a toggle switches to turn things on and off. 

We also added settings to turn on/off the downloading of past trips and the ability to switch between metric units (kilometers and Celsius) or US units (miles and Fahrenheit).


5. Other things

There are a few other things we added or tidied up that we also included.

We added the name of the trip to the top of the screen when you are in a trip for quick reference.


Added showing your seats assignments (if entered in tripit), made the confirmation number bigger and more visible for easy reference, wrapped the airline name and flight number to the next line if it was too long for the screen & added the original time of arrival/departure if a flight was delayed (tripit pro required).


A very kind user asked to see their Frequent Flyer number, so we added that too in the “passengers” view for a particular flight (if entered in tripit).


We fixed a few bugs reported by our users.  If you see a message that says “Something went wrong” in My Trips click “OK” and send us the email!  We use any reports we get from users to help fix the problem and make it better for everyone.  Also feel free to send us any suggestions for new things you would like added and we will see what we can do. 

Thanks again to everyone who sends us mail with comments, suggestions, bugs and just nice “thank you” emails 🙂


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