Live Tile!

Windows Phone is the only mobile phone that offers “Liveimage Tiles”. 

These are like a mini window into the application and show you information you need quickly right on the start screen.  No need to open the app!

Well here at AceWidgets we wanted to offer our users a Live Tile in My Trips, so we added one to version 4.

The My Trips Live Tile will offer users a glimpse into what their next flight details are when they have it pinned to the start screen.

Here are a few samples of what your tile might look like. 

The first is just the standard tile you will see when you don’t have any upcoming flights. The second is showing you an upcoming flight that is current on-time and the last one is when a flight is delayed.

MyTrips-01     MyTrips-02     MyTrips-03

Trip-It Pro users have the benefit of TripIt monitoring their flights for delays and My Trips uses that information to show you if your flight is on time.  Non-Pro users will still get a live tile, but not real time flight status in the tile.

Our Live Tile is still in Beta while we smooth out any kinks in the system after launching it.

To turn on the Live Tile jump into the settings screen and switch it on.


Note:  You need to pin My Trips to your start screen to get the Live Tile:


If your Live Tile isn’t showing you correct information then we want to hear about it! 🙂 Click the “status” “cog” beside the Live Tile switch in the Settings page & click the “Email Tile Problem Report” button to send us an email with some information we need to help.


We hope our customers enjoy the Live Tile as much as we do.  We will continue to refine and tune it during the Beta period to get it just right.

As always if you have feedback, comments or suggestions please leave a comment or get in touch.



3 thoughts on “Live Tile!”

  1. not sure how to contact for support. I purchased this product and love it. My phone a Sprint Arrive died and was replaced by Sprint. The new phone of course did not have any apps installed. I had to redownload the apps. I paid for the product once already. How do I get around the buy try scenario?

    1. Hi Rich,

      When you try to Buy the app again it will tell you that you have already purchased it and wont charge you a second time.

      Thanks for supporting My Trips!


  2. I have installed MyTrips on my HTC Windows Phone 8x and every time I try and modify any data or add data it displays an error ‘Problem saving to TripIt’ and crashes. I have successfully logged into TripIt the first time I ran MyTrips and it displays data from TripIt.

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