We <3 Feedback :)

We love hearing from our users.  It really helps us prioritize what to add to My Trips next and fix any issues people might have.

Some times we get extra special feedback.  Here is a bit of email we had this morning:

Dear AceWidgets,

Just wanted to say I love the newest updates to My Trips. I love the tile, the old one was a bore, but the new one fits in very nicely with the WP7 design. And the Live Tile is very cool!

I travel over 200,000 miles a year, so this app is a work horse for me

The app works perfectly and displays my Trip It information very nicely.

A couple of suggestions:

· Would like to see a world clock tab so I can see the time in my arrival city and set my watch easily

· Would like the option on Start to automatically open into the current trip rather than going to the trips tab.

· Would like different color icons for each item (Flight, Hotel, Car and such)

Thanks for creating such a great app!

Best regards,

Thanks a lot!  It means a lot to us getting feedback like this and we really appreciate someone going out of their way to send it.

We totally agree with the suggestions they have and we will be looking at adding them to My Trips over the next few releases.



One thought on “We <3 Feedback :)”

  1. Hi,first off My Trips is a wonderful app. A question on the live tile. It seems to only show my flight information. I was wondering why it did not show train info as well. In Europe we us the train alot and it would be useful to see that information as well. A lot of businesses make a train journey mandatory for certain distances. You could make it a setting that could be turned on and off.
    I also would like to see the different
    icons (car, hotel) have colour.
    Thanks again for a great app,

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