Lifehacker likes My Trips

Lifehacker just profiled their favorite Windows Phone 7 applications and one of their picks was My Trips! 

We, of course, totally agree with their recommendation & are very happy with their selection :)  It’s a great honor to be selected along side big names like Twitter, Facebook & Yelp, as well as all the other great applications they picked.

Here is what they say about My Trips:

The good news: there’s a great travel organizing app that syncs with the killer service TripIt to show you flights, taxis, hotels, check-in links, and all the other minutiae of travel. The bad news: the free/trial version keeps a very annoying nag window up that notes the limit of only one trip shown, and one flight from that trip. Still, if you’re a TripIt fan, and especially if you’re a paid Pro member, you’ll want to pony up $1.99 to grab this app, as it’s got all your information, and a very responsive developer behind it.

Sorry about the very annoying nag screen on the trial … we will work on making it a little less naggy :), but thanks for the props on being “very responsive developer” 🙂

Lifehacker Pack for Windows Phone 7: Our List of the Best WP7 Apps


First bug

Well it was only a matter of time until someone reported the first bug (thanks Geoff!).

This effects the 24hr time formatting in the application (version 2).  If you don’t use 24hr formatting then you are not affected.

In a nutshell if you set this setting then all times in the application will be formatted incorrectly.  In fact the minute portion of the time will actually be the month.

e.g. Say you have a flight on Dec 22nd at 4:25pm.  It will be incorrectly displayed as 16:12 – where the “16” bit is 4pm (correct) and the “12” is actually the month and not the “25” as it should be.

Needless to say, this will be corrected in v3.

Thanks to everyone who has been emailing us with feature suggestions, bug reports & general feedback.  They are all much appreciated.



My Trips version 2 updates!

Well, we got off to a roaring start in the Windows Phone marketplace with our version 1 product.  It was great to see all the downloads and excitement about there finally being a TripIt application for these devices.

So firstly, THANK YOU! to everyone who is using our application!

It was also great to see so many people give us ideas for what to include in the next release.  We wanted to release version 2 as soon as we had a good amount of that work done.

I’m pleased to say that v2 is now live in the Windows Phone Marketplace! we have just submitted version 2 to the marketplace and it is in testing as we speak. It should hit the marketplace in the next couple of days.

Here is some of the feedback we heard & what we did about it 🙂

1.  More types of information needed, accommodation, cars etc…

We have added Car rentals, lodgings & notes in v2.   The example below is for a car rental:

2.  Shared Trips please!

Now in version 2 you can flip right to “shared trips” from the trips page & see all the trips where you are not a traveller, but have been shared the trip.

3. Gate, Flight Status and baggage claim information please!

Now if you have a subscription to TripIt Pro you will get up to date flight status, baggage claim and gate information on the flight details page.    If you don’t have a TripIt Pro subscription we will just show you the details from your tripit itinerary.

4. Maps, phone numbers and links

Now when you see an address in a booking like a car rental or note you can click through to a map of that location.  Same goes for phone numbers, click to dial.  And finally same again for web urls, click to open in a browser.

5. Trial mode please!

We had a couple of people email us and say they don’t buy apps without trailing them first.  We agreed and added the option to try before you buy. In trial mode you are limited to seeing one trip & one flight in that trip.  Everything else is the same.  Click the “Buy Now” button in the app to go to the marketplace and upgrade to the full version.


We also included a handful of bug fixes for various things that we had people report (like 12 hour time format without leading 0’s).

Also we bumped the price to $1.99 given we have a much more comprehensive app now.  We don’t expect that price to go up again in the near future … but all those who have already bought the app get all the upgrades for free … so thanks for buying!

Here is a direct link to the app in the marketplace (Zune client software required)

Try or Buy My Trips on Windows Phone 7.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement for My Trips!


My Trips version 1 hits the marketplace

It’s official … the first version of My Trips is live in the Windows Phone marketplace!  It’s 99c USD and available worldwide.

Get it here if you have the Zune software installed, or you are reading this on your Winodows Phone:

Screenshots and details on the application:

Version 1 includes syncing trip and flight data to your phone, offiline viewing & you can send your itinerary or flight information via email to someone (maybe whoever is picking you up at the airport!).

We are hard at work on the next version already (free to those that purchase v1).  Version 2 is shaping up well.  We are looking at adding:

  • Lodging and Car Rental information from TripIt
  • Notifications of flight changes
  • More Social!

Stay tuned for a future post on that.

If you dont know about … they are a great online travel planning and organization tool.  Simply forward them your travel plans and you are good to go

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My Trips coming to the marketplace!

We have just submitted version 1 of My Trips for Windows Phone 7!  It should be hitting the marketplace in the next few days … so watch out for it.  It’s a steal at 99c!

Now you can take your flight plans with you on your phone when you travel!

My Trips connects with the premier travel organization website to synchronize your travel plans and allows you to take it with you on your travels. After you have synchronized My Trips works offline so you don’t need a WiFi or mobile internet connection to view your travel plans (handy when you are 30,000 feet up!).

My Trips shows you a list of your upcoming trips, flight details for each trip and flight information as departure and arrival dates, times and locations, confirmation numbers, airline information, passenger information & much more.

Don’t have a account? No problem! It’s free and you can sign up as part of signing into this application.

Currently My Trips only sync flight details from In future releases it will also take lodging & car rental information too.

For more information on TripIt see


Here are some screenshots from the application: