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Lifehacker likes My Trips

Lifehacker just profiled their favorite Windows Phone 7 applications and one of their picks was My Trips! 

We, of course, totally agree with their recommendation & are very happy with their selection :)  It’s a great honor to be selected along side big names like Twitter, Facebook & Yelp, as well as all the other great applications they picked.

Here is what they say about My Trips:

The good news: there’s a great travel organizing app that syncs with the killer service TripIt to show you flights, taxis, hotels, check-in links, and all the other minutiae of travel. The bad news: the free/trial version keeps a very annoying nag window up that notes the limit of only one trip shown, and one flight from that trip. Still, if you’re a TripIt fan, and especially if you’re a paid Pro member, you’ll want to pony up $1.99 to grab this app, as it’s got all your information, and a very responsive developer behind it.

Sorry about the very annoying nag screen on the trial … we will work on making it a little less naggy :), but thanks for the props on being “very responsive developer” 🙂

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