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My Trips 3.5 updates

My Trips version 3.5 has been released and we wanted to give you a run down of what’s new!

1. Network updates

You asked for it and we delivered!  Now you can hit the “network” button on the main trips page and you will see a list of all the updates from your TripIt network.


2.  Who’s Close

On any given trip you can see who from your network is going to be close by.  My Trips shows you this on the main itinerary screen for a trip.  You can also click the “network” button to get a more details on who is close.


3. Points tracker

For those who have a TripIt Pro subscription My Trips will now show you your points tracker information.  This includes mileage account information, activity and expiry details.

You access the points tracker by tapping on the star icon from the trips screen.


Then you will be presented with a list of your points programs you have registered with TripIt.  Tap one to see its details.


4. General tidy up

We also took the opportunity to tidy a few things up.  This includes some changes to layout of pages and alignments and some new work in the Settings screen.

In various screens you should now see better alignment of text.  For example in the screenshot below you will notice the better left alignment of text.  We are also using the your chosen highlight color in a few more places, like headings & links.


In the settings screen we have adjusted the various settings so they are more user friendly and understandable too.



Thanks again to everyone who uses and supports My Trips for Windows Phone 7.  We really appreciate your support.  If you have feedback, questions or just want to get in touch please leave us a comment here, or in the about screen of My Trips is a link to email us.